Introduction, Part III

Previous parts: Introduction, Part I, Introduction, Part II

Where were we? Oh, yes.

So I had a job, and it was high time we had looked for a flat.

We knew we didn’t want to share a flat with anybody. We started to look for something which is in Brighton or at least nearby, and we can have the whole flat for ourselves. The only problem was that none of us had a stable job or a guarantor or a history in the UK. And we prepared for the worst: maybe months and months of searching. But we had luck.

We booked three viewings at the beginning of August. The first was in Brighton centre, just minutes from the train station. The viewing was on Tuesday, 6 pm. We arrived half an hour early, so we could walk around the block, buy a sandwich and hope. When we got to the entry of the building, a man already talked to two Rastafari looking guys who seemingly arrived without notice and were a little bit stubborn. So when we appeared behind the two guys, the man asked as if we were the couple for the 6 pm viewing. He was relieved when we said yes.

The empty flat

He immediately invited us up in the flat. Showed it around, answered all our questions. We fell in love with the flat. It was cosy, not too big, but perfect for us. One bedroom, one lounge, that was all we needed. J. brought us up to the roof terrace, which we adored. So only one thing. Hit him with our situation. I showed him the offer I had got from the job I accepted, and he seemed to be well-meaning. He told us it’s okay if I didn’t have a stable job, he would talk to his wife to come up with a solution. I guess we were likeable at first sight.

We still had two other viewings in the following days though, so we told him that it wasn’t fixed yet.

When we went back to Worthing on the train, we talked that the next flat should be more than excellent to beat this flat. And cheaper. And the landlord should be much more likeable.

It wasn’t. The next viewing was on Thursday, and it was in a ghost town. The landlord was really nice, but we had a feeling that should we have any problem with the flat, we would have been on our own. So when we finished viewing that flat, we just nodded to each other, and the next thing we called J. and told him we wanted the flat. He had agreed with his wife, so in exchange for their trust, we paid three months rent in advance, and that was it.

The bedroom

Long story short, next Tuesday we signed the Tenancy Agreement, got the keys, and just one day after I started to work, we moved to our flat. Our first flat; rented only by us. We didn’t have to share the bathroom with anyone, wouldn’t hear the snoring and other body sounds of strangers.

It took three weeks and I got a job, we had a flat and started our new life in Brighton.

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